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 30 Apr 2001:  SCHULEMEISTER, ADOLF & THERESIA are buried in Rupert, ID. My grandfather died in 1946 and my grandmother died in 1957. I'm looking for Obits, birth dates, etc. so as to begin my genealogical search. 
Frank E Schoolmaster, Jr.
28 Jan 2001:  WILLIAMS, MICHAEL SHAWN born Sep 5 1960 Minidoka Co Hospital Rupert ID. Any info you might be able to provide would be greatly appreciated. 
Joshua Griffis
26 Jan 2001:  LINDSAY, OTTO and Eva resided in the Minidoka and Twin Falls area. Both passed away in the late 1960's and early 1970's. She would have been my half aunt. I want to know if they had children. Any assistance would be appreciated. 
Kathy Harrigan
10 Jan 2001:  DOYLE, GEORGE WELLINGTON  died in Rupert Id in the latter 1930's. His wife Maud L Nickerson Doyle died in about 1967, in a nursing home also in Rupert. I don't know where he was born, but in the late 1800's he lived in Iowa. Can anyone help me I would like to send for his death certificate. 
Alice Cleaveland Kissel
21 Dec 2000:  KNIGHT, DAVID J. B 17 CREW FROM WWII.  My name is Frank Vazzano. I live in St Pete Beach Fl and was a member of a B17 Crew in World War II. Out of the ten members of our crew, I have found five crew members and found out that two have passed on. Out of the two members left, one was from Heyburn, ID. His name is David J. Knight. He lived in Heyburn in 1944. His address then was Box 117 Heyburn ID. He served as a ball turrent gunner in WWII. I would appreciate any info anyone has on his past or current location. 
Frank Vazzano
9 Dec 2000:  LOCANDER, CHARLES URBAN his sons were Charles Weir and Ulric Urban Locander. His daughter was Eva who married Otto Lindsay. These are my desired mother's half siblings. Would like to find kin (do extended genealogy, if any exist.) These people were born at the end of the 1800's and were from Paul, Idaho. Their mother was Nancy Lucinda Stewart Locander, also from Paul. 
Kathy Harrigan
7 Nov 2000:  SPEERS, VERN was born May 24 1881 and married in 1915 to Maria Charvat and they are both buried in a Rupert cemetery. Vern died in 1929. I am looking for Vern's mother's maiden name and also if he was born in Idaho. 
Ellaine James
20 Aug 2000:  JENSEN  I am looking for the family of Peter and Mary Marie Sorensen Jensen whose known children include: Georgiana, Christian, Lorenzo, Mary, and Alvin.  I know that Mary Marie and Lorenze died in Rupert.  Would like to correspond with family members. Thank You. 
Shirlene Jensen
28 Jul 2000:  BARNES, JIM  ( my grandfather)  was a soldier  in 1950 from Idaho. He knew the Mayer family. He would be around 70 years of age. 
Paula Honroth
23 Jun 2000:  CLARK, ALFRED AND MARIAH WILDA  Maria and children are found in the 1910 census, Minidoka Co. The family lived on a fram near Heyburn. A son, John Wyle Clark registered for the draft in WWI at Minidoka Co.  Alfred was born in Liverpool Eng. He married before 1893, in Greenfield,  Dade Co, MO. 
Dr. K. Earle Cochrane
27 May 2000:  RACE,  CARRIE ESTER (PETTIE) died Oct 15 1948 in Rupert. I am trying to find where she is buried. The obituary dated October 16 1948, tells me that her body rested at Goodman Mortuary, but does not tell me what cemetery she is buried in. Could someone please find out which cemetery she is buried in? 
Roger Devoir
 1 May 2000:  CROSBY, WALTER married Edythe Dodson Swassing: in Rupert on Sept 21 1925. She is also listed as having been married two more times: her last name of Fauber is listed with the ssn death index.  My mother was adopted by Abraham Livingston and Anniversay Hite Greenawalt from the Children's home in Boise, in August 1926. She was born Jan 31 1926.  Would love to find her birth parents for her before she dies. 
25 Apr 2000:  Looking for info on Veteran Land Lottery conducted in the early 1950's in Minidoka Co. I am especially interested in the service histories of the WWII veterans who settled in there. I was born in Rupert, lived there until I left to attend and graduate from the US Naval academy. Am interested in writing a history of this event. 
31 Mar 00:  WILLIAMS / HIRSCHVOGEL  Looking for info on Heber Walden Williams and Josephine Florence Elizabeth Hirschvogel or Hirschvoger. Heber Walden died November 30 1957 in Rupert Minidoka County ID. 
Cort Sims
13 Jan 00:  SHELBY, William Thomas born 1870 in AR died 1926 in ID married Minnie Lee Gibson born 1884 in AR died ?? ID. I would like to know Minnie's death date and burial place in Rupert ID. If anyone can help, I would appreciate it. 
Jan Shelby
29 Dec 99:  STONE....Searching for info on Glen Roy Stone who died 18 Jan 1917 at Heyburn ID. Would like to obtain a copy of his obit. Also his wife Emma McConnell Stone who died 16 Feb 1920 in Rupert ID. Would like to find out where they are buried. Their children were: Margaret Madge who married Paul Foster Disney; Mildred Esther who married O'Rene Nelson: Kent Roscoe who married Lucy Hartman; and Thelma married a Knickerbocker. Thanks for any help. 
Charlene Kolterman
14 NOV 99:  WILLIAMS, Frank J. and his wife La Vere, lived in Rupert in 1920 along with their three children according to the 1920 census. The children were Mary F. 7, John E. 2, and Nora S. 6 mo. I am interested in any info on them but in particular where I might locate descendants for this branch of my family tree. Thanks to anyone able to help me. 
J.Mark Keller
20 Aug 99:  FREEMAN...Sarah Elizabeth Wilson was known to be residing in Eden in 1917.  I am trying to locate any and all info on Sarah. 
Gale Myers
25 Jul 99:  PETERMAN, Chester Leedy and Cash Adrian moved to Rupert where they both died. Chester died 25 Dec 1951 in Rupert. Cash died 10 March 1983 in Rupert.  Would appreciate an obit. 
Susan Frisbey
5 Jul 99:   TINDELL, William...was born in England but was living in Rupert, ID in 1918 when he wrote a letter to his nephew saying he was weak with some illness. His parents were William Adam and Isabella Tindell. I am looking for info on his death certificate and whether he had any children. 
John Conrad
29 Jun 99:   WELCH, Heber...born 14 Jul 1895, died Dec 1983, last residence Heyburn, ID.  Info is from the Social Security Death Index. As the pension was apparently a railroad pension, there is no Info as to place the SS number was issued. 
Elizabeth Schmitt
28 MAY 99:   STAPELMANN... Searching for info on Daisy Jordan Stapelmann born 1896 Deloit, Crawford Co., IA died 1983 Rupert, ID. Parents James Samuel Jordan and Rosabelle Dunbar Jordan born in IA. Would like more info on "Belle" Jordan and Daisy's sibs.  Is Rosella Davis Jordan part of this family? Any info would be appreciated and will share info. 
 Nadine Allen
10 APR 99:   COURSEN, William B. was born 3 Apr 1837 in Bellville Ohio. He married Elizabeth S. DeHaven 4 Sep 1889 the daughter of Amos DeHaven and Sarah McDaniel. She was born 8 April 1843 in Bellville Ohio and died 21 Jan 1925 in Rupert, ID. 
Maggie Rail
10 APR 99:  DISNEY, Wilber Harry was born 18 Oct 1865 in Mt Vernon, Ohio and died 27 Feb 1934 in Rupert ID. He married Evelyn E. Coursen about 1891. She was the daughter of William B. Coursen and Elizabeth DeHaven. She was born 18 Oct 1872 in Bellville, Ohio and died 4 Apr 1941 in Long Beach Ca. This family is my husbands Aunt Evelyn and family. Any others out there? 
Maggie Rail
2 FEB 99:  DAVIS, T.O....lived in or near Rupert, ID at the time of my grandfather Johnson Rishel's  death in June 1932 at Vivian, S.D.  I have very little info on this family but I have lots of info on the Rishels that go with this family. I will share any info I have and would like any info I can get on the family. I will answer all replies. 
Cullen Rishel
1 Jan 99:  MONTGOMERY, Michael David...was born in Hannibal, MO 1857 and died 4 April 1915 Rupert, ID Who were his parents, siblings? Have info on his Descendents. 
Bill & Carol Montgomery
12 Jan 99:  BRADY, Christine... lived in rupert during the 1960's. Mr. Brady died during the 1960's. Christine may have died in Rupert also.  Thank You Very Much. 
Herbert Abbott
02 Nov 98:   CARLSON, Isaac C...lived in Rupert in 1934 and had a family of five. I need to find out more about his family. He was born in Minnesota, and his parents were Carl J. and Sophia Carlson of Nebraska. 
Shawn Corder
19 Mar 98:   SWENSEN, Carl Magnus... lived in Heyburn in 1920 with with Lars & Thelka Anderson family. He died on Oct 3 1933 in Blackpine, ID. He was born Mar 20, 1862 in Varmado, Stockholm, Sweden. I would like to find where he is buried, an obituary, a probate, or naturalization papers. 
Debra Barton
I have family history information on the following: 
Effie Jane Murphy 
George Frederick Slater
They bought a homestead in Rupert in 1911. 
Charlotte Slater
Alfred William Slater 
Bernice Elizabeth Clatfelter
Married in Burley Idaho April 11, 1932 
Both grew up in the Rupert/Burley area. 
Charlotte Slater


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