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County Archives Index

Link to the Idaho Archives home page.  The archives presently contains over 350 MB of information contributed by individuals.

Western States Historical Marriage Records Index

For more than a decade, the BYU-Idaho (formerly known as Ricks College) Family History Center in Rexburg, Idaho has been extracting early marriage records from counties in the western part of the United States.  Virtually all of the pre-1900 marriages are included in the index for Arizona, Idaho and Nevada.  Many Idaho, Nevada and Utah counties have been extracted into the 1930's and some, much later.   A significant number of marriages from Wyoming, eastern Washington, Oregon, western Colorado and selected counties in California are also included.  For more details, see "List of Counties by State".  As of 18 May 2005, this file contains over 365,094 marriage records with additional entries being added nearly every working day.  For Minidoka County the database covers 1913-1937 and contains 1,763 records.

Idaho State Death Index -- Maintained by the ISHS

A list of death information collected by the state commencing in July, 1911.  Prior to this time the information was collected and kept at the county level.


Names of cemeteries in Minidoka County, locations of these cemeteries and links to burial records where available.  In the future, pictures of the cemeteries will hopefully be available.


These are links to state and county vital records that are available via the mail through state and county government, and links to Primitive Baptist Church Records.


Assorted links to military records available online, including: draft records, lists of available microfilm on draft cards, Naval history, National Archives, and Defense POW Missing Office information.


Location and hours for the single Minidoka County Museum in Rupert.

Camp Minidoka -- Internment Camp

Information on the Japanese Internment Camp in Minidoka County which was active from August 10, 1942 through October 28, 1945.  Several links to archived information by Japanese who were interred in the camp are provided.


Location information on the LDS Library in Burley, Idaho.

Family Contributions

Pages established for individual contributions which people want to share regarding information in personal diaries, bibles, and correspondence.  Additionally, includes surnames of people who have lived in Minidoka County, and e-mail addresses of individuals who are conducting family research on those names.


The first three items are links to 1914 maps placed on Ancestery.com which were taken from an old atlas found by one of the GenWeb associates.  The last link is to thumbnails of old maps available on line.  To save a copy of these, right click with your mouse and select "save as".

Join the Mailing List

Directions on joining the mailing lists for Minidoka County.

Cyndi's Links to Genealogy

A link to a third party site which provides over a quarter million genealogy links on the internet.

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